Students using entrepreneurial action to create sustainable change and build a better future

Enactus chapters spark community change through teams of 4-8 students who lead and implement a project with a particular goal to help bring about positive change. Our projects aim bring about this change with entrepreneurial action. To find out more about Enactus in general, visit

Why an emphasis on entrepreneurial action? When people or organizations become entrepreneurs, they are capable of making their own money. They can sustain themselves, so when it is time for our Enactus project to conclude, communities can continue making positive changes on their own.


  • Gain access to an enormous global career network, with sponsoring companies like CocaCola, Walmart, Enterprise, and... well, over 300 more. View the list of sponsors (just in the US) here.
  • Gain real-world leadership opportunities like you can't find in any other UH organization. 
  • Once a year, all project teams come together to present the impacts they have made during Nationals Exposition. Enactus UH attends this event each year and those who have been involved for at least one semester are eligible to attend. Watch the video from our experience at Nationals in April 2015 below. 

Our projects are the heart of Enactus. Click below to see our student-led projects. 



Every Tuesday during Fall & Spring semesters from 5-7pm, you'll be working with other team members on projects that we do. Work Nights provide a productive, dedicated environment of social innovation for each team to work in. We'll be finding answers to problems that plague our Houston community. Hear from business and academic leaders who want to hire Enactus students and work as a team to accomplish project milestones. If you have not chosen a project, talk to one of the officers to see if you are interested in joining a committee! 

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