Sponsor Spotlight: Direct Energy

We wanted to take a moment and extend our thanks to Direct Energy for their contributions to our team this Spring 2015 semester. Several professionals at the company came to guide our project teams during Work Nights. They gave our teams valuable feedback during their final presentations, and provided pizza for our teams. 

General member Paul Larson remembers Direct Energy's mentors being helpful to their Refugee Resources project team in Spring 2015. "They consistently encouraged our ideas, while presenting new angles on how to look at the problem or solution. They were an extremely valuable resource that I would look forward to working with again." 

Enactus President from Fall 2014 - Spring 2015, Jp Dowling, went on to intern with them in their Houston office this summer as a part of the Digital and Innovation team. "My time at Direct Energy has been such a learning experience," he said. "I spent the summer working on cutting-edge projects and meeting some amazing people. The workplace is collaborative and supportive, and the internship program does a great job of introducing you to all of that in 10 short weeks." 

Thank you, from our team to yours! We can't wait to work with you more in the future!

Project Retreat

We would like to invite you to the University of Houston Enactus Chapter's Project Retreat, where we select what projects we will be implementing over the next semester and year! This event is open to all interested in the process, whether your role is presenting or just observing. 

Organizations and individuals are welcome to pitch any idea they might have for one of our projects. A strong Enactus project will fit most of the following criteria: 

  • being able to apply business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach 
  • improve the quality of life and standard of living of communities OR empowering communities in need 
  • creating positive economic, environmental, and/or social impact 
  • is sustainable 

A special note for Enactus BAB members 

Business Advisory Board members are more than welcome to attend, ask questions, and provide thoughts! Your insights are valuable to us. 

A few other notes for presenters: 

  • The panel of Enactus officers and faculty advisors will determine if your project is selected, but we will not necessarily select projects at the Retreat. You will be notified if the project is selected by Wednesday, August 26th. 
  • We may ask questions about your pitch when you are finished to get a better idea of what you have in mind. 
  • We will have a projector available for use, so feel free to bring slides, handouts, etc. 
  • Virtual pitches are welcome! 

Thanks - we hope to see you there! 

Sponsor Spotlight: Sherwin-Williams

We'd like to take a few minutes of our time to thank Sherwin-Williams for their support and enabling us to print t-shirts for our entire organization for the first time in years.

We also want to thank Jennifer Johnson for being the face of Sherwin-Williams on our Business Advisory Board. She attended our teams' final presentations in Spring 2015, giving us valuable feedback on our projects and insights into the professional world. 

Since receiving our shirts, we've worn them to Nationals in St. Louis, our Beach Cleanup in Galveston, our summer Officer Retreat, and project meetings. 

A big thank you to Sherwin Williams, from our team to yours! 

Beach day update!

We had a great time at the Beach Day on 4/19/15! We had 9 people cleaning the beach for one hour, and picked up 13 lbs of waste. Afterwards, we ate lunch on the Strand at Yaga's. 

Sustainability is very important to Enactus, and we enjoy doing beach cleanups because it's a fun way to come together as friends and also help the planet. Thank you to everyone who came out!