Welcome our Fall 2017 Officer Team!

  • President - Serena Rock      president@enactusuh.com
  • Chief Financial Officer - Hector Galvan      cfo@enactusuh.com
  • Director of Projects - Arpit Bajpai      projects@enactusuh.com
  • VP of Marketing & Human Resources - Winnie Tu      vpmarketing@enactusuh.com
  • Project Manager (Harbach Ripley) - Joseph Palacios      pm@enactusuh.com
  • Project Manager (Yates High School) - Paola Obispo     pm@enactusuh.com
  • Project Manager (College Manuals) - Roy Jang      pm@enactusuh.com
  • Public Relations Officer - Brooke Hern   corporaterelations@enactusuh.com
  • Fundraising Committee Manager - Emily Tran      fcm@enactusuh.com
  • Alumni Relations Officer - Zara Rahman      alumni@enactusuh.com

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[New officer picture coming soon]