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Fall 2017 Projects Coming Soon!



Yates High School

This semester, we are partnering with Yates High School, located in the Third Ward next to the University of Houston, to create a mentorship program. Enactus members will have a chance to mentor a group of seniors and juniors every week about the importance of college education. Yates High School is part of the Houston Independent School District and has a low graduation rate with the majority of the student population being African-American. The main purpose of this program is to give their students technical support and provide motivation until graduation.

Near the end of the semester, the team held a banquet for the senior females students at the University of Houston to celebrate their graduation and the start of their college journey. We would like to say 'Thank You' Walmart for helping to sponsor this event and supporting the girls to get through their first year of college without financial burdens. We will continue to monitor their progress post-graduation and will teach a new group of juniors and seniors next year. 

For more information, please contact the Project Manager at

Lemonade Day

In this project, Enactus members will teach 2nd graders about business principles. You will give lessons, mentor, and help them apply what they learned to host their own lemonade stands at Pugh Elementary. They will be trained at the University of Houston, while their lemonade stands will be located at three different locations. A total of three teams will be assigned per each location. Lessons include business management, budgeting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and public relations on a scale that the students can understand. Lessons have already been provided or given a template, which Enactus members will help implement. Pugh Elementary is located about seven miles away from the University of Houston, which members must provide their own transportation to and from campus. 

For more information about this project, email the Project Manager at

Last lesson with the 2nd graders at Pugh Elementary - HISD


Every year, Houston is seeing new refugees and most of them have spent years in living in extreme conditions. Some of them have agrarian background and experience in which they are faced with huge challenges coming in a new country. Plant-It-Forward is a non-profit organization that assists refugee farmers with building successful farm businesses and selling fresh, local produce to local Houstonians. They offer classroom and field-based training to help their businesses.

Every other Thursday, we give a one-hour lesson on different business topics to a small group of farmers. Throughout this project, we will plan out lessons and assignments and translate them into French, which most of the farmers speak. This semester, we will teach the same farmers on more advanced topics continuing from last semester. For more information about those lessons, scroll below.

Visit their website at

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