What sort of projects do we do?

Well, our projects are mainly service-based, which focuses on solving and improving Houston businesses. Our Project Managers and students work on a semester or year-long project*. Every year, we get a chance to showcase the results of our projects at Regionals and National Exposition hosted by Enactus USA, both in different states. By investing in our projects, you'd not only be assisting our students to become entrepreneurial leaders, but you'd also help the Houston community. 

*Along with Enactus general members, our projects are also led by students enrolled in GENB (General Business) 3302 at the University of Houston. GENB students' club fees are waived for ONLY that semester. Please let the Project Managers know on Project Kickoff Day if you are a GENB student or not. 

Fall 2017

Yates High School

In 2016, we started a mentorship with Yates High School, part of Houston ISD and 5 mins away from the University of Houston. This Fall, we will be expanding our mentorship program to their top-performing juniors and will continue guiding seniors as well. Students will teach them about FAFSA, college applications, uncommon scholarships, and financial planning. Our end goal is to help improve their test scores and confidence in transitioning to college. 

Solaro Winery

Located in the Heights, Solaro Winery sells wine and hosts tasting events for the Houston public.The City of Houston does not currently have a system to recycle them properly, thus Enactus members will create and implement a sustainable plan to recycle their wine bottles. Our members will visit the winery and consult with experts in the field about recycling glass products. They will also create a marketing plan through their recycling program for the Greater Houston Area. 

Harbach Ripley Center

Part of the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Centers, Harbach Ripley is one of the many community centers helping Houston residents. Coming to America with food products different from their countries of origins, immigrants usually are not knowledgeable about nutritional health in the States. In comes Harbach Ripley, which teaches about how to shop for groceries properly. Students of this project will find sustainable sources of food donations that immigrants can keep through the Harbach Ripley's store simulator. 

Project Kickoff is on September 5, 2017!

To find out a preview about our projects, please visit us on Orientation Days (August 29 & 31). For locations and times, please check our calendar or our facebook page.