What sort of projects do we do?

Well, our projects are mainly service-based, which focuses on solving and improving Houston businesses. Our Project Managers and students work on a semester or year-long project*. Every year, we have an opportunity to showcase the results of our projects at Regionals and National Exposition hosted by Enactus USA. By investing in our projects, you'd not only be assisting our students to become entrepreneurial leaders, but  helping the Houston community as well. 

*Along with general members, our projects are also led by students enrolled in GENB (General Business) 3302 at the University of Houston. GENB students' club fees are waived for ONLY that semester. Please let the Project Managers know if you are a GENB student or not. 

Spring 2018 Project Descriptions

Yates High School Mentorship Program

A Finalist in the Women's Empowerment Project Challenge,' Enactus has created a lasting partnership with Yates High School Enactus members to go to Yates High School and mentor top tier girls from the Junior and Senior classes in what has become one of our successful projects. The mentoring is centered around college readiness and transition. Enactus has seen great success with last semester having the graduating seniors a 100% college acceptance rate, and made over $20,000 in scholarships. Joining this project insures that you will be making a lasting impact on the lives of the girls at Yates.

E2B Project

One of the newest projects in the Enactus family, E2B is a partnership program between Enactus members and local Houston entrepreneurs. The goal of this project is to help small businesses improve through targeted development. You will be taking up the role of consultants in a sense. Being that the project is still in its beginning stages, joining E2B will allow you to help shape the future of the project and plan out the planning phase.

Project YOU

Another new project to the Enactus family, Project You is centered around helping UH students and people learn to establish a brand and a business. Often times students have a talent, like making clothing or art, but do not know how to turn this into profits. By partnering with Enactus the students will be able to learn how to market themselves, create a website, and create a business plan. By joining this project as a student seeking help, or wanting to help, you will learn valuable business strategies from the Project Manager who has already created a successful business.   

Project Kickoff is on Tuesday, January 30, 2018!!

They will both take place at UC North Impact Room at 6pm. See ya'll there!