Student Internships


We know we can't burden any one person with too much responsibility without giving something in return. Our answer to this is a student internship! Members are encouraged to apply at any time with no previous experience necessary. Tackling this opportunity is a great way to take on more leadership while being in a student organization at the same time. In addition, if you plan to become an officer, going through this internship is recommended to better understand our operations and project management. 

This semester, we have 2 internships:


You will think of creative ways to help raise funds to run our operations. You will help cover our expenses for food, socials, trips to the competitions, etc. by helping to plan bake sales, find and apply for grants, and budget for the whole semester. You will gain skills in fundraising, budgeting, grant writing, communication, sales, and time management.

Marketing & human resources

You will think of creative ways to help with recruitment and retention by working closely with the Public Relations Officer Team. You will be assisting with the operations of our socials and Work Nights, take and edit photos at our events, and increase our presence online and on campus. You will gain skills in marketing, recruiting, branding, public speaking, digital media and get exposure to learning and development of a student organization.

Applications for both the Enactus Finance and Marketing & HR Internships have been closed.

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Interns!
Marketing & HR Interns:

Brendan Fay
John Lindsey

Finance Interns:

Bonnie Nguyen
Darcy Cates
Hugh Tidwell