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Semester Dues

Paid members for semester dues are given free access to:

  • Enactus T-Shirt
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Speaker Panels
  • Socials
  • National Career Marketplace (a job board similar to Cougar Pathway)
  • Virtual Career Fair (for that semester only) 
  • Project Management in Development Certificate Training Program 
  • Invitation to join us at Regionals and Nationals in Spring semester 
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Yearly Dues

Paid members for yearly dues are given free access to:

  • Enactus T-shirt
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Speaker Panels
  • Socials
  • National Career Marketplace (similar to Cougar Pathway)
  • Virtual Career Fairs (companies include Walmart/Sam's Club, Robert Half, ADP, Enterprise, Target, Gardner and more!!)
  • Project Management in Development Certificate Training Program 
  • Invitation to join us at Regionals and Nationals Competition in Spring 2018 (Dallas and Kansas City, respectively), both which includes Enactus National Career Fairs with over 30+ companies 
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Nationals Exposition Committee

If you want to travel and plan out things to do, logistics, and presentations, then this is the committee for you! We have one committee this semester: the Nationals Exposition Committee. Earn a FREE trip to Dallas and Kansas City in Spring 2018! Throughout this semester, you will help plan out scripts and visual presentations and get a chance to become a presenter for the University of Houston Enactus chapter. You will gain skills in logistics, operations planning, presenting, and public speaking. For any questions, please message our Nationals Chair at or talk with one of the officers at Work Night.


Interested in becoming an officer? Please apply for the Enactus Mentorship Program where you can shadow the officers and learn about their positions. Throughout the semester, you will get exposure into our operations and how each leadership position is vital to our organization. Later on, if you want to be a part of our Board of Officers, then you can elect to be an officer for next semester! To apply, please click here: MENTORSHIP PROGRAM APPLICATION 


A Project Manager is an officer position in Enactus and different from other organizations. You’d be expected to attend officer meetings and all the Work Nights. A Project Leader is not an officer position, but you can help support the Project Manager and become one in the future if you're still interested. 

As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating the initial meetings for the team members and telling them about the project, and supporting them throughout the process. You will NOT be doing the project itself, but you are responsible for planning and delegating tasks to the team members. This will allow you to develop your leadership skills as well as become a member of our Board of Officers.

If you’re interested, you MUST go through Enactus USA's project management certification program that's internationally recognized and be a PAID member. If you have a project proposal that you'd like to submit, please email to express your interest or fill out an application by clicking here.