Enactus Point System

As an active Enactus member, you are qualified to apply for the Enactus Service Scholarship sponsored by Enactus USA. All the points/hours listed here qualify for Enactus USA scholarships. For more information about types of scholarships Enactus USA offer, please visit: https://www.enactusunitedstates.org/scholarships 
You can also log your hours on “Get Involved” by joining Enactus through Access UH.


  • In order to be considered an active member, you must collect at least 50 points. If you miss a Work Night, you MUST attend or volunteer at one of our other events (ex: socials, bake sales, competitions, etc.)
  • In order to run for an officer position, you must be an active member!

Click here to access the General Members' Points Spreadsheet.


  • The most active member will be awarded the Most Active Member Award and have ALL food, transportation, and Enactus-related expenses covered at the Enactus United States National Exposition 2018.

    • Kansas City, Missouri | May 20-22

  • Runner up will be awarded a $50 gift card

Points for Events

In order to acquire an active status, members must attend/volunteer:

7 Work nights                                                                                                     3 points per meeting

7 Speaker Workshops                                                                                       3 points per workshop

2 Socials                                                                                                                2 points per social

2 Bake Sales                                                                                                                                             

Volunteering                                                                                                               2 points per hourly shift

  • Donations                                                                                                         2 point per item
  • Food (perishable or non-perishable)                                                                                                                                     

  • Drinks

  • Utensils   

*Points from Bake Sale donations do not count towards Enactus USA Scholarships qualification.


Additional Ways to Earn Points:


-    Hours worked on project (not including Work Nights)                                                                                                                      1 point per hour

*Hours will be certified by Project Manager


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If you have any questions or if you did not receive points for an event, please contact us within 1 week from the event.

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