Giving Back

"We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all." Therefore, Enactus University of Houston wants to give back to our members for actively participating and investing their time and efforts into the organization. We are rewarding Active Members who have paid membership dues based on their participation in volunteering, selling, and donating at events.

Click here to for the requirements to be an Active Member.


  • $30 reward to the Top Salesman (spring 2018)

* We are rewarding the member who sell the most amount of dollar sales  from Enactus T-Shirts & Wine Lights


  • $15 reward to the Top Volunteering Member (spring 2018)

* We are rewarding the member who accumulates the most amount of volunteer hours at bake sales.


  • $30 reward to Top Donator (SPRING 2018)

* We are rewarding the member who acquires to most amount of points through bake sale donations.

Bake Sale Dates

  1. Thursday, February 22 - UC South Table #3

  2. THURSDAY, March 9 - UC SOUTH TABLE #4

  3. Thursday, March 22 - PGH table #3

  4. Wednesday, April 04 - Melcher Backdrum


To volunteer or donate at our bake sales, please sign up here.

Recipients will be announced at our Dinner Social -  TBD.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or if you are missing points or sale records, please contact Winnie at or complete the form below.

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